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Delivery of Pupil Personnel Services                                                                                                        

EDAU 9768 

Credits: 3     Only $499

This course examines the principles and the role of the pupil personnel worker. Participants will reflect on their prior knowledge of the educational setting and examine the key concepts regarding how the Pupil Personnel Worker serves as the liaison between school and the community to increase attendance and prevent at-risk students from dropping out of school. This course addresses the following key concepts: attendance concerns, residency issues, custody of students, students experiencing homelessness, students needing to enroll under kinship care, hardship and other legal issues.  

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 Lauryn's Law 

EDAU 9767

Credit: 1 Only $299

This course meets the requirement for re-certification as a Professional School Counselor outlined in Lauryn’s Law. Participant will explore curriculum that will increase their knowledge and skills to understand and respond to the social, emotional, and personal development of students.  Through this course, educators will explore indicators of mental illness and behavioral distress; including depression, trauma, violence, youth suicide, and substance abuse. Students will identify professional resources to help students in crisis. This course provides a current overview of supports and resources for distribution to parents or guardians, school staff, and students, as needed. 

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How to facilitate an attendance meeting 

EDAU 9764

Credits: 1     Only $299

An effective attendance meeting can save your school team time and resources. Meetings are a vehicle to bring out the best ideas, utilize resources for effective problem solving and resolve conflict that impacts effectiveness. In this course you will explore how to run a successful attendance meeting, and receive practical examples of successful strategies for an effective meeting. 

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How to Conduct a Residency Investigation 

EDAU 9769

Credits: 1 Only $299

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to observe a residence at 6:00 am? This course covers procedures for conducting residency investigations.  Students will learn the procedures for safely monitoring and gathering preliminary information prior to the onset of an investigation. We will review techniques that will guide you through the process of an effective investigation of a possible fraudulent school enrollment. 

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Homeless Students and the School System

EDAU 9766

Credits: 3 Only $499

The Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 amended and reauthorized the federal Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (“McKinney-Vento”). McKinney-Vento guarantees homeless children and youth equal access to free, appropriate public education and the right to educational continuity and stability. This course provides an overview of the educational rights of students impacted by homelessness and how Pupil Personnel Workers can address their educational needs. The course will examine the rules and regulations that are federally mandated as well as practical tips to assist the families. 

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Branding Your School Counseling Program

EDAU 9763

Credits: 3 Only $499

The best advice I ever received was to create a great program, so no one (Principals) don’t tell you how to do your job! This course introduces the concepts of branding as a tool to enhance (and protect) your school counseling program. Take your existing program and begin to create a plan and implement strategies that work best for you and the population you serve. An effective branding campaign is critical to long term success and visibility. This function ensures that all stakeholders are knowledgeable about the great work you do.  You'll choose one direction and begin to refine your branding technique to enhance and promote your program. This course helps students understand branding/marketing, the process through which organizations analyze, plan, implement, and control programs to develop and maintain beneficial exchanges with targeted results.  

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Engaging Parents

EDAU 9765

Credits: 3 Only $499

Do all schools have a plan to increase parent involvement, and how do we really get them in the door? While many educators know the value of meaningful school‐home‐community interactions, in culturally diverse communities this can often be problematic. This course examines strategies for effective parent and community engagement, with an emphasis in urban/diverse communities. This course will explore the benefits of parent and community engagement, specific guidance for speaking, listening, and implementing a communication system, and provides strategies for dealing with problematic parents and guardians. We will discuss the importance of building relationships with all stakeholders in the community in order to support student achievement.   

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Why We Drop Out?

EDAU 9770

Credits: 3 Only $499

Most dropouts see the impact of their decision when there’s no money in their pockets; often resorting to a life of crime. This course is designed to inform educators of the various reasons students fail to complete school successfully. Participants will explore research based ideology for the factors that may be predictors of whether students will drop out or graduate from high school. We will explore institutional characteristics and individual characteristics as the main predictors of success. We will explore strategies/tools used by to predict school failure: attendance, behavior and grades (retention), early warning indicators, and engagement in the school community. 

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